Catwalk Connect

Catwalk Connect is an upcoming project by Yellowbrick Street Team exploring the relationship between intracity freeways and the quality of life in inner-city neighborhoods, and what that relationship means for Wichita's transportation system as a whole. 

The project consists of four major elements:

  • Engagement with residents adjacent to Kellogg and I-135 to understand their relationship with the freeways dividing their neighborhoods. 
  • Staging community dinners on the catwalks over Kellogg and I-135, bringing together 25 residents from each side to connect over the highways that divide them.
  • Packaging the community engagement and dinners into a feature-length documentary - part telling the stories of the residents and part educating on the origins and impact of urban freeways.
  • Crafting a vision for the future of inner-city freeways in Wichita, including a reimagining of the Canal Route as a surface-level, mixed-use, multi-modal boulevard that takes advantage of natural assets while connecting and strengthening adjacent neighborhoods.

Located east of Downtown Wichita, the East Front and Sunnyside neighborhoods once were vibrant and connected - the adjacent neighborhoods gained synergies from the other. When Kellogg became an expressway in the 1970s, large swaths of each neighborhood were razed and the two neighborhoods became isolated from one another. 

It all started when...

History of the development of each neighborhood