Create your own personalized workout! This workout adventure comes customizable and for fitness lovers of all levels. It’s simple, all you do is pick one exercise from each category that fits your fitness level and abilities – and then you have your very own customized workout!


Choose your own Adventure Customizable Workout


Pick one exercise from each of the categories below to create a workout that fits your current fitness level and ability! Complete 2-4 sets of 6-12 reps for each exercise.


  • Bodyweight Squat

  • Goblet Squat

  • Back Squat


  • TRX Row

  • Seated Cable Row

  • Plate Loaded Row


  • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

  • Landmine Romanian Deadlift

  • Trap Bar Deadlift


  • Push-up

  • Plate Loaded Chest Press

  • Barbell Bench Press


  • Bodyweight Reverse Lunge

  • Lateral Lunge

  • Weighted Walking Lunges


  • Dumbbell Farmers Carry

  • Dumbbell 1-arm Farmers Carry

  • Heavy Sled Push

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