Fountain Street Micro Plaza

Launch Date: Summer 2017

End Date: Two weeks after launch

Location: Fountain & English island, College Hill (map)

Problem: Fountain Street is the most heavily-used neighborhood street in College Hill. Due to the proximity of the park, it acts as a collector for a wide swath of the neighborhood. Long and relatively straight, cars drive through at speeds often excessive for a neighborhood setting (30-35 mph), endangering pedestrians near the park and creating an unpleasant environment. The neighborhood itself also lacks an inclusive third place, where residents of all life stages and backgrounds can gather and mingle.

Solution: Take back the through-section of the Fountain & English island by blocking off the north and south entrances with trees in planters; add a grill for community use; add seating; add a kiosk for people to leave extra garden vegetables, eggs, baked goods, board games, etc. for sharing with neighbors; add a Little Free Library; add a small stage for acoustic music and live performances.

Use: Direct drivers around the island, rather than through, increasing consciousness of surroundings and improving safety of pedestrians while eliminating blind conflict points and creating more predictable navigation. Add programming for free, family-oriented entertainment and provide a community gathering place, increasing attachment and social capital.  

Goal: An improved intersection and a better connected College Hill.