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The Yellowbrick Street Team thrives by creating an army, not just an audience. Our members drive our team. We are artists, entrepreneurs, bankers, and baristas - all with a common goal of improving our places and building community. We are open, nimble, and diverse. Bring your passion and a get-it-done attitude and you'll fit right in.



We support our mission in part by sharing our unique skills with the community, leveraging our resources and network to amplify civic initiatives for a more livable and lovable Wichita.

If our core services (listed below) don't quite fit your needs, contact us to discuss custom solutions.


Artist Coordination

We work with countless artists on our initiatives and many of our volunteers are active in the local creative community. We know how to find the right artist for any job, and we know how to work with creatives to ensure a successful project -- we can handle all phases, from concept to artist procurement to project management. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Project Consulting

Whether you want to know how to get that great idea to improve your neighborhood off the ground, want to draw more people to your next community event, or are seeking creative ways to engage the community -- we can help. We take a design-thinking approach to every problem and have a knack for developing creative solutions. Let's work together.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

We started out as a loosely-organized group of committed citizens, so we know the challenges of doing community projects without 501(c)(3) status. We want to see more great projects that add to Wichita's culture, which is why we offer fiscal sponsorship services for local projects. If you need a grant or tax-deductible donations to make that big idea happen, we can help.

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