What we do

(and how we do it)



Yellowbrick formed in 2016 as Wichita's first tactical urbanism collective with a mission of making our city more livable and lovable. We shift perceptions of what Wichita is -- and what it can be -- by staging creative interventions in public spaces. 

Our PROJECTS take underutilized spaces and turn them into people places, where Wichitans of all types can connect, engage, and inspire. We focus in Wichita's historic core, leveraging its urban form to build place attachment from the grassroots. 

Our Activate initiatives make visions tangible, engaging Wichitans in a new perspective of their city and forging new relationships between people and spaces.

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Each of our projects is designed to expose the public to the principles of urban design, shifting our understanding of the build environment and its effects on public life from intuition to observation. We follow up our physical interventions with educational content to help Wichitans appreciate the value of strategic change to the city's urban form. 

In addition to project-based education, we produce content on urban issues pertinent to our city. Our IDEAS lead the local conversation on urban design and development, arming our followers with the facts and theory to be informed advocates for a more livable and lovable Wichita.

Our Educate initiatives move the public from observation to understanding.

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Each of our projects is focused toward creating lasting change, both physical and cultural. Our projects start small and are intended to lay the groundwork for greater change. 

Projects are designed to demonstrate principles and experiment with their implementation -- then rapidly scale up into permanent places or citywide initiatives. By exposing the community to a prototype of the project, we're able to gather on-the-ground feedback and incorporate it into a plan for permanency. 

Depending on the project, our Envision initiatives can range from design proposals for new public spaces to policy recommendations for streamlined processes. 

We craft positive visions that the community can rally behind.

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At its core, our work is intended to create an army of informed and engaged citizens -- Wichitans from all walks of life who have the desire and capacity to take civic improvement into their own hands.

Once we've executed an intervention, educated the public, and envisioned a better future, we lead the charge to create permanent change to the physical and social landscapes of our city. 

We collaborate with the City of Wichita to craft policies that support a creative culture and help prioritize catalytic investments. We work with neighborhood groups and everyday citizens to help express the public will for a more livable and lovable Wichita. We partner with civic organizations to escalate the impact of community initiatives.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."